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Software Development


Hi there! My name is Markus! I am a bilingual First Class Biomedical Science graduate with a Masters in Software Development. Having previously had the opportunity to play professional football in Germany before an unfortunate series of injuries I have been working to develop a wide range of skills to make me an asset to any organisation. My passion for technology and its impact on the world around us, coupled with my background in science, makes me a well-rounded candidate for any technical/consultant role in the tech industry.

During my time studying for my MSc, I gained experience in programming languages such as Java, PHP, and JavaScript. I also had the opportunity to work on various projects, across a wide range of technologies, gaining knowledge & skills in the likes of software engineering, database design, and project management to name a few. I love working with other people in a team.

I aim to use my technical skills and creativity to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. I am excited about the possibilities that technology brings and am looking forward to working in the tech industry where I can use my skills to make a positive impact on people's lives. I am eager to continue learning and growing as a developer, and a person. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Get in Touch! Send me an email.


Artemis Lite


"Artemis Lite" is a virtual board game written in Java, based on the NASA's Artemis program. Players assume the role of space explorers, working together to build and expand their space stations on the moon, while managing their limited resources. The game incorporates real-world science and technology related to the Artemis program, providing an educational and immersive experience for players.

As part of the development team for "Artemis Lite", my responsibilities included contributing to the design and refactoring of the final code, providing input on the development of certain methods, classes, and test classes, and participating in the initial requirement analysis. I also finalized the requirement analysis for the project report and created use case descriptions for the buy and develop elements of the game. As the customer representative, I helped to further the flow, design, and development of the game, including creating the virtual game board and providing initial sequence diagrams and commentaries for the buy/develop element and end game. I was also responsible for creating the final sequence diagram for the sell element, the UML class diagram and class descriptions for the report, and conducting a video run-through of the game's code.


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Causeway Coast & Glens BeachSmart


BeachSmart is an app, developed in congunction with Causeway Coast & Glens Council that aims to inform residents and visitors on how to enjoy the UK's coastline in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The app is designed to act as a hub for beach smart, with an interactive map using Open Street Maps and LeafletJS, as well as an administrative portal and API written in PHP. The project is a proof of concept for the BeachSmart app, focusing on Portstewart's coastline and points of interest.

The BeachSmart app has the potential to be an excellent tool for locals and tourists alike, providing valuable information about the UK's coastline and helping to promote responsible beach use. The use of ReactJS for the front-end, along with Bootstrap 5 and React-Bootstrap for styling, ensures that the app is user-friendly and visually appealing. While the app developed during this project is not a complete product, it demonstrates the potential for a professionally developed BeachSmart app to have a significant impact on public awareness of beach safety and environmental conservation. With the importance of the UK's coastline in public consciousness, this project has the potential to make a real difference to the safety and enjoyment of those visiting the country's beaches.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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